Project Description

Tax March Creative Hackathon

A coming together of creatives to support and create for the first ever Tax March NYC.

What We Did

Collective Agency held a Media Jam for the Tax March NYC on March, 2017. Five hours of creative planning resulted in a cohesive marketing theme for the Tax March NYC which included an animated video, an app, a ton of graphic work and a social media strategy


The Client

Tax March marked the coming together of a myriad of organizations and individuals in one combined effort to call for Trump to release his taxes.  These teams reached out to Collective Agency for assistance in creating branding and social assets in lead-up to the march. Collective Agency organized a creative hackathon for the march wherein a cohesive visual strategy was arrived at, a social strategy was planned and media assets were planned and executed.

The Creative Hackathon was covered by Fast Company in a fantastic article by Joe Berkowitz. Check out the story.