Project Description

New Founders For The Win

The animated story of how 100+ organizations are working together to inspire a #BlueWave in November, ’18

What We Did

How do you tell the story of more than 100 new  organizations working together to ignite the progressive movement? With a whimsical, poignant, animated video that allows us to float above logo infused streetscapes and to rocket our way through progressive galaxies, with a quick stop over Virginia for a first hand animated look at how the new progressive community worked together to turn Virginia blue in 2017.

The Client

New Founder’s For The Win conference brought together more than 100 new and old progressive organizations to strategize and collaborate on the 2018 midterm elections. They came to Collective Agency to create an animated video that could illustrate how all these disparate companies have come together to build a new progressive movement.  New Founders featured the For The Win video at their first ever fund-raising gala.