Project Description

Dump Trump

A video to make people stop  in their tracks and hit “Donate”

What We Did

The client was launching a video that needed to  raise funds  FAST – because their  goal was to raise millions  of  dollars for  the  Democratic  presumptive nominee, dollars that would be handed over the moment the candidate clinches the nomination.

The CA team knew the video  had to stop  viewers in their tracks –  it  had to tell a great story and be incredibly visually compelling. We knew just the creative to bring on for the project.

Our  team worked collaboratively on the video  script and then let our creative do his thing!

The CA Team also wrote the Press Release and managed the videos distribution.


The Client

It Starts Today is building a privately funded public campaign finance system for Democrats. It began on election night 2016 as a way to crowdsource support for Democratic congressional candidates. The organization encouraged people to make a monthly contribution that was then split among every single Democratic nominee for House or Senate. In 2017, it expanded to include a demonstration project for state legislative funding in Missouri. Dump Trump works in the same way, but this time the goal is winning the White House and all funds are directed to the nominee.

One hour out and engagement is off the charts – we’ll update stats in a few weeks!