On Saturday, October 19th a room full of media professionals  spent a day at Civic Hall together creating social  Gifs, Videos and Images in support of the impeachment  process.

The Impeach Creative Hackathon was a partnership between Collective Agency and By The People.

First, I Would Like You To Do Me A Favor Though – Comic and Gifs

A comic and accompanying gifs and images that turn “quid pro quo”  into  an easy to understand, visceral concept.

Download the comic for Facebook and  Newsletters HERE!

Available as a 6 frame jpg, 6 frame gif, shorter 4 frame gifs, and as individual  images for carousels.

Download individual frames for FB or Instagram Carousels HERE.
Download gifs for Facebook, Instagram or  Twitter HERE.

Truth  Isn’t Red Or Blue

One gif – two messages…

Download the gif  HERE.

Download the gif HERE.

Humorous General Trump Content

Trump  RX –  My Doctor Recommended Trump For….

Download the video HERE.