We Have 13 Months To Make America America Again.


Are You (Content) Ready?

We’ve been WAITING since November 9th, 2016.

Only 13 more months to go!


So…Are you content ready?

Content Ready: Fully content strategized for list-building, fund-raising, volunteer recruiting and GOTV, and implementing those content strategies NOW

Is Our Content Strategy really that important?


  • Augmenting newsletter appeals with targeted social-first content on the same topic dramatically increases your ROI- so why send a newsletter without an accompanying content campaign!???
  • Adding graphics, videos, memes, gifs and stories to your messaging vastly increases SHARES. (SHARES is one of our most fruitful means to build votes. And teams of volunteers. And awareness. And donations. )
  • 60% of millennials prefer to watch a video than to read a newsletter. We need those millennials! They want content!
  • People have a 95% greater retention of video content than the written word.

Our friends on the RIGHT know this, and they are spending 40% of their budgets NOW on digital media.

So, given that your content strategy is crucial, you are implementing those strategies now, aren’t you?

Yes. NOW.

  • One dollar 12 months out from the election is worth ten dollars 1 month out from the election *
  • Count on it taking 7 touches to convert a user into that “$1”
  • 7 touches takes time. And strategy.
  • There are 13 months until the election
  • One dollar 12 months out from the election is worth ten dollars 1month out from the election…
  • substitute “$1: for “email address”, “action”, “phone number” “volunteer”

Again, our friends on the RIGHT know this, and they are spending 40% of their budgets NOW on digital media.

How do you begin?


Build your Ladder of Engagement so that every piece of content is working towards a specific goal on a specific rung of your ladder leading up to November 3rd.

  • With the above in mind, plan whether your goal for each individual asset is awareness, lead generation, fund raising etc. and be prepared to create each asset accordingly
  • Make sure you have tracking in place so you can continue to test and iterate each piece of content
  • Plan newsletter, texting and messaging strategy in parallel with your content strategy – multiple, differing touches with the same message significantly increases desired engagement

Follow posting best practices for each applicable platform

  • If you have the time and budget. version for each platform. If not, create content in the aspect ratio that best suits your most fruitful platform.
  • Make sure you are creating multiple types of content for each platform. Algorithms serve video to users who engage with video, images to users who engage with images, gifs to viewers who engage with gifs …. Multiple formats make sure your message is seen by your desired audience.

Social is not TV! Make sure your creative assets are optimized to have the strongest online impact.

And ALWAYS focus on NARRATIVE — cuz facts… they don’t drive action. Story drives action.

We have 13 months to make America America again.

What’s your strategic content plan?