Thank You Lt. Col. Vindman

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Thank You, Lt. Col. Vindman Lt. Col. Vindman is an American hero. Add your voice of public support for Lt. Col. Vindman. All it takes is a phone and a click. Your script? "Thank you, Lt. Colonel Vindman" Just click this link with your mobile phone and record your thank you [...]

13 Months To Make America America Again.

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We Have 13 Months To Make America America Again.   Are You (Content) Ready? We’ve been WAITING since November 9th, 2016. Only 13 more months to go! WE CAN’T MESS THIS ONE UP!!!!! So…Are you content ready? Content Ready: Fully content strategized for list-building, fund-raising, volunteer recruiting and GOTV, and implementing those content strategies NOW [...]

Never Forget How Much They Aren’t Thinking About You

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  Colleen Keegan was insistent. We were surprised. And relieved. To a room full of artist entrepreneurs whose careers depended on the support of donors and patrons, Colleen’s advice was liberating: “Never Forget How Much They Are Not Thinking About You.” 2016 changed who I want to be in this world, as a woman, as [...]

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