noun: action or intervention, especially such as to produce a particular effect.

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Born On November 8th, 2016

Collective Agency started when the founding members met at a grassroots action meeting after the election in November 2016. Since then, we’ve grown to 200+ creatives across the country – designers, directors, writers, actors, animators, musicians, amongst others.

Formerly The Resistance Media Collective, The Collective Agency team has created videos, live-streams, animations, graphics, branding campaigns and social media strategies for large organizations like Indivisible, Women’s March and Win Virginia as well as for small grass roots organizations throughout the country.

Like the dynamic activist movement that is a direct result of the 2016 election, we learned to think on our feet and how to work together. We learned to lean on each other while taking on new challenges and growing our skill sets, focusing on the projects that speak to us, and that have the greatest impact for the cause.

We started as strangers, and found a community.
We found in each other kindred spirits – restless, curious, and anxious to make a difference.
We found in Collective Agency the silver lining to these tumultuous times, which is the grace and power of our Collective Humanity when we speak, and work, as one.

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